raw talent. soaring voice. mesmerizing stage presence.
storyteller extraordinaire. and that smile.

let's spread the love and get the word out, shall we? for lindsay mendez is love, and people could always use a little more love in their lives.

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A Little More Alive- Meet Lindsay Mendez 

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A little sneak video of our band rehearsal today… #klendez @derekklena

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Lindsay Mendez Wicked Bookends
May 28, 2013 — Feb 22, 2014

thatgraysweatshirt asked: Oh my god I just saw Lindsay and Alli's last show and I am so sad but happy at the same time and I'm also crying and oh lord I'm gonna miss them D,:


I can only imagine the mixed emotions floating around at the Gershwin last night :’)

Happy last show to Lindsay Mendez and Alli Mauzey - February 22, 2014

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Lindsay Mendez & Derek Klena at 54 BelowUpcoming shows on March 10 & 24, 2014 [x]

Lindsay Mendez & Derek Klena at 54 Below
Upcoming shows on March 10 & 24, 2014 [x]